X-things I learned in Web Boot Camp

My web boot camp tools

This is an assignment I completed for PREL238. The purpose of the blog is to showcase search engine optimization in a listicle. You can note the images, tags, usage of hyperlinks and headings. Creating this blog was a fun way to learn basic HTML.

Bootcamp in a nutshell

Web boot camp was an experience like none I have ever encountered during my post-secondary education. At times it felt like information was being thrown at me by an MLB pitcher. Here is a list of the information I managed to catch:



Contrary to popular opinion, spam is not just a can of mystery meat. It is also a way of framing the content that you are creating for the web. Before writing, we need to ask ourselves: what is the Situation, the Purpose, the Audience, and the Message. We also need to consider the Channel, Advantages, Negatives, Organization, and Format.

2. Write drunk, edit sober

Write like Hemmingway, edit like Perkins

It is advisable to get your ideas down on paper without much thought for grammar or logic. We must follow the path blazed by great literary icons and write without inhibition. However, once we have words on paper, it is necessary to edit like an academic. By combining these distinct methods, the final product will likely be stimulating to read and capable of being comprehended. Did you know that Hemingway likely did not say this famous phrase?

3. HTML formatting

Even cats can do it

Writing a blog may seem like it is just about the content, but there is so much more beneath the surface. If you want your blog to be slick, it requires HTML optimization. A content creator needs to mind their < p>’s and q’s. HTML tags describe what your code is going to do. By optimizing code in an HTML editor, the public-facing content becomes more appealing to the eyes. A big take away from learning about HTML is that you should NEVER copy and paste content from Microsoft Word into a blog. That is a great way to get messy code in your project.

4. Microsoft word formatting

Bills not the only one who is excited

When the tutorial on Microsoft Word took place, I felt like a veil had been lifted, and I could finally see clearly. The formatting options available in Microsoft Word can make any document look outstanding. Here are a few examples of simple things you can do to optimize your Microsoft Word document. If you use the headings function, you can make a table of contents at a click of a button. By using templates, your page will look coherent. You can even make a custom template for APA format!

5.Pictures are engaging

Do GIFs count?

Pictures are engaging for your audience. The optimal placement for pictures is on the left side of the page. When smart people first started doing eye-tracking studies on websites, they found that people were not looking at pictures. It followed that pictures should not be on websites. Once researchers started to use more precise eye measurements, they found that people were indeed looking at pictures; they just could not see it before because of how quickly we process visual information. Bootcamp didn’t mention if GIFs have the same effect…

While you’re here

Do you want to see an example of a curated blog? I got you covered.

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