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This is a blog I completed for PREL238. It is an example of curation. This post discusses volunteer opportunities with the local student association during Covid-19. This blog is designed with search engine optimization in mind. Note the image, tags, hyperlinks and structure.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to build up your resume, get experience in your field of study and network with like-minded people. Even during these covid-19 times, the Students’ Association of MacEwan University is always looking for volunteers. SAMU has adapted to covid-19 and has a bunch of safe volunteer opportunities. Applications for volunteering during the winter 2021 semester open at the end of November. Check out the list below to hear about a few of them.

The Pantry

The Pantry at SAMU
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Are you a compassionate person? Do you believe that no one should go to bed hungry? If so, the Pantry might be for you. The Pantry is a confidential service that collects food donations for students who are having financial difficulties. Volunteers pack hampers, organize food and ensure that there is an adequate inventory. There is a minimum commitment of 2hrs per week.

Safe Walk

Are you a superhero?
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Not all superheroes wear capes. Safe Walk volunteers help safely escort students to their vehicles or public transportation spots in the evening. Due to covid-19, Safe Walk’s services were cancelled during the fall semester, but it is coming back for winter 2021. Safe Walk has a 2hrs per week volunteer requirement, and volunteers receive training on safely conducting a walk and how to patrol parkades.

Peer Support

SAMU's peer support
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Do you pride yourself on being a good listener and having an empathetic mindset? If that sounds like you, check out Peer Support. In the pre-covid-19 days, peer supporters would meet with students in-person to provide supportive listening. Now the service has moved online and is text-based. Peer supporters complete two days of training before they can start volunteering.

SAMU Committees

Join a SAMU committee
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Do you want to impact student governance, but you don’t want to run for office? SAMU and MacEwan University have several committees that need ‘students-at-large.’ You will work hand in hand with student councillors, the executive committee and faculty. Committees meet online via video conference.

Run for office

Run for SAMU office
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Are you interested in learning about how government works? Do you want to represent the student body and help craft policy? If that sounds up your alley, you should consider running for office. SAMU has elections during the fall and winter terms. In the fall semester, student councillors are elected, and during the winter semester, the executive committee is elected. Student council meetings currently take place online via video conferencing.

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