Why you should volunteer with SAMU

Colourful hands raised

This will be my final PREL238 assignment showcase. The semester has come to an end, and we finished with infographics. This is my first attempt at developing a multimedia piece. All I will say is, “thank you, canva.”

Why you should volunteer with SAMU

A lot has changed over the last year. The halls of MacEwan university are much quieter than the Decembers of years gone by. Any other year, you would see students roaming the halls heading off to class, to the library to finish a project, to a study room to write a term paper or study for a final. You won’t find that this year. But not everything has changed. Students can still volunteer with the Student Association of MacEwan University. Like most other things in this new Covid-19 influenced existence, the way you volunteer has changed. Most of the available volunteering has moved online, but the benefits of volunteering are still very tactile. Check out the infographic below to find out why you should volunteer with SAMU.

Why you should volunteer with SAMU

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