Why you should volunteer with SAMU

This will be my final PREL238 assignment showcase. The semester has come to an end, and we finished with infographics. This is my first attempt at developing a multimedia piece. All I will say is, “thank you, canva.” Why you should volunteer with SAMU A lot has changed over the last year. The halls ofContinue reading “Why you should volunteer with SAMU”

University student audience analysis

This blog is a portion of a larger communication plan written for PREL238. It focuses on the analysis of a university audience. Writing this analysis made me feel like I was a psychology student again. Certainly not a bad thing. I have linked the sources that are publicly available, and included a source list atContinue reading “University student audience analysis”

X-things I learned in Web Boot Camp

This is an assignment I completed for PREL238. The purpose of the blog is to showcase search engine optimization in a listicle. You can note the images, tags, usage of hyperlinks and headings. Creating this blog was a fun way to learn basic HTML. Web boot camp was an experience like none I have everContinue reading “X-things I learned in Web Boot Camp”

Audiences and empathy.

This is an assignment I completed from PREL238. It is a reflective blog aimed at a professional audience. I enjoyed this assignment, it was fun tying my past experiences to the field of PR. The blog is also a showcase for proper search engine optimization. Putting the Public in PR: reflections on what an audienceContinue reading “Audiences and empathy.”

Volunteer with SAMU

This is a blog I completed for PREL238. It is an example of curation. This post discusses volunteer opportunities with the local student association during Covid-19. This blog is designed with search engine optimization in mind. Note the image, tags, hyperlinks and structure. Volunteering is a fantastic way to build up your resume, get experienceContinue reading “Volunteer with SAMU”