University student audience analysis

This blog is a portion of a larger communication plan written for PREL238. It focuses on the analysis of a university audience. Writing this analysis made me feel like I was a psychology student again. Certainly not a bad thing. I have linked the sources that are publicly available, and included a source list atContinue reading “University student audience analysis”

X-things I learned in Web Boot Camp

This is an assignment I completed for PREL238. The purpose of the blog is to showcase search engine optimization in a listicle. You can note the images, tags, usage of hyperlinks and headings. Creating this blog was a fun way to learn basic HTML. Web boot camp was an experience like none I have everContinue reading “X-things I learned in Web Boot Camp”

Audiences and empathy.

This is an assignment I completed from PREL238. It is a reflective blog aimed at a professional audience. I enjoyed this assignment, it was fun tying my past experiences to the field of PR. The blog is also a showcase for proper search engine optimization. Putting the Public in PR: reflections on what an audienceContinue reading “Audiences and empathy.”

Volunteer with SAMU

This is a blog I completed for PREL238. It is an example of curation. This post discusses volunteer opportunities with the local student association during Covid-19. This blog is designed with search engine optimization in mind. Note the image, tags, hyperlinks and structure. Volunteering is a fantastic way to build up your resume, get experienceContinue reading “Volunteer with SAMU”